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Typography can exceed just telling a tale it shows the consumer who’s behind the web site and just what you’re about. Treating type creates an environment and elicits an answer exactly the same as the words does.

TypeGenius. With TypeGenius, it is simple to discover the most appropriate font combo for your forthcoming project.

Font Squirrel. This provides 100% free commercial fonts.

FontFaceNinja. This browser extension allows you to find which kind of web font a specific site uses.

Google Fonts. This can be a free and open-source fonts which are enhanced for that web.

Canva – Learn more regarding your fonts with this particular concise but useful reference about fonts

Beautiful Web Type. You’ll find the very best typefaces in the Google web-fonts directory here.

DaFont: This website houses fully downloadable fonts which are free of charge.

1001 Free Fonts. This website has many free fonts which will make the web site that you’re focusing on more user-friendly and visually appealing.

FontPark. Undoubtedly, this is actually the web’s largest assortment of free fonts.

Font-to-width. This source contains fit bits of texts which are nicely inside their containers.

Website Designer

Website Designer


Generate free icons with Fontello


As you know, icons are an easy way that you should grab an internet site user’s attention, hence, they must be a part of your arsenal. While it’s true that you could make your own icons, there’s no denying that doing this ‘s time-consuming. So, why do you not just browse the following websites that offer attention-grabbing icons free of charge?

Fontello. This website generates icons.

Flat Icon. This can be a internet search engine for 16000 glyph vector icons to help you select the right icons to create your site standout.

Material Design Icons. This website offers 750 open-source glyphs by Google which are free of charge.

Font Awesome: Undoubtedly, this is actually the best source of the legendary font and CSS toolkit.

Glyphsearc. This is supposed to assist you to look for icons using their company icon databases.

MakeAppIcon. With only an easy click, you are able to curently have application icons of icons.

Endless Icons. If you’re into flat design, you need to visit this resource because it offers free flat icons along with other creative stuff.