Character Modeller

In the finish of June, the character modeller Guild will sit lower using the major animation galleries and negotiate a brand new three-year contract. The guild’s settlement committee will come across at the begining of June to talk about plans, but it’s important to be aware what the IA (our mother worldwide) negotiated for other West Coast production locals recently.

The bottom line is:

Wage minimums increases 3% in every year from the Agreement. The increases shall compound.

MPI Type Of Pension:

For individuals who upon the market just before August 1, 2009, they shall get a 13th and 14th check up on or about November one in every year from the Agreement, provided you will find 8 several weeks of reserves both in the Active and Retired person Health Plan and also the Type Of Pension is licensed to stay in the Eco-friendly Zone.

Character Modeller

Character Modeller

In every year from the Agreement, the hourly contribution in to the Type Of Pension shall increase by yet another $.18 each hour.

The Defined Benefit Type Of Pension benefit accrual formula increases by 10% for Active Participants effective 1/1/17, retroactive to eightOr1/2015.

MPI Health Plan:

Prescription medication co-repayments won’t increase

There won’t be any elevated costs towards the primary participants nor for character modeller dependents for healthcare coverage.

There won’t be any cuts to healthcare benefits.

Current people with a minumum of one qualifying year in to the MPI shall continue being qualified for retired person coverage of health after 15 qualifying years within the MPI. For brand new people who don’t possess a qualifying year in to the MPIPHP by 1/1/16, such new employees will require 20 qualifying years within the MPI to be eligible for a retired person coverage of health.

The Brand New Media Sideletter underneath the Fundamental Agreement saw major enhancements, and TAG is going to be searching to create ours more “member friendly” too.

We are talking about the brand new Fundamental Agreement and our very own discussions in the May 26th General Membership Meeting. Intend to exist!