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An expert developer mustn’t rely on offered on proven API’s and frameworks, they ought to be able to using relevant techniques, languages and frameworks that are required to supply best mobile apps. However, despite its intricacy to build up the technique and limitation of utilizing it for that particular platforms, native applications still remains among the most widely known platforms selected through the professional developers. Other commendable a part of native application is the fact that some features we are able to only cope with native platform. Let’s discuss the professionals & cons of native mobile apps (referred from


Native apps possess the best performance and employ the final available hardware resource to enhance performance.

Applications work even at offline mode.

Provides better visibility towards the prospective users by disbursing the apps through platforms Application store

The application will have the latest API’s, releases with that platform.

Application Developer

Application Developer

The apps are made in languages the woking platform supports and thus, can access IDEs which offer :The apps are made in languages the woking platform supports and thus, can access IDEs which offer :

the very best tools to build up,

iOS application could be built-in objective C on XCode that has all of the tools.

Linkedin is a example which shifted to Native from HTML5 and there’s Facebook too, which required a U-turn

to debug,

the very best tools to build up,

debug the work fast.

design the interface,

and appearance the performance using Instruments etc.


You’ll need big budgets to aid Native platforms as you’re required to manage multiple teams.

Application updates must be downloaded by users which means you finish up maintain several versions of Apps in your server otherwise correctly designed.

Another major problem is – accessibility to developers for ramping up.

However we’ve discussed native apps from the development perspective, in addition, there’s yet another and incredibly important perspective, and that’s the finish user.