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It is no longer an exciting piece of news to hear when a new app is introduced by a developer. It is, moreover, revealing to know how many titles fail in the market and get phased out. Developing a mobile app is not only a matter of design and technique, it is also an affair closely related to the needs of the market. A well-experience mobile app developer is constantly present in the mobile market, acquiring enough perspectives and information in regards to users’ requirements.

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A developer is involved in the totality of the development journey, from the early stages of concept development to delivery and post-production services. A mobile application developer should possess a solid understanding of object-oriented programming. He should also have enough information about different aspects of software development kits (SDK), core location, core data and other related elements. A good knowledge of database management systems, ranging from MySQL to SQLite is also a must for mobile app developers.

App Developer Malaysia

App Developer Malaysia

Mobile Phone Application Developer Jobs, Employment

Since mobile apps are more often than not in touch with web services, a mobile app developer should also be well-versed in web service integrations such as XML, REST and JSON. It is needless to say that a solid comprehension of the fabric of programming languages, such as HTML5 and JavaScript is a go-to tool for developers. In today’s global village, a mobile app developer should also be in touch with social media and its demands and delicacies.

Mobile Phone App Application Developer Development

Mobile Phone App Application Developer Development

Mobile Application Developer Jobs, Employment |

Thus an essential part of App Developer Malaysia jobs is to have enough experience with social media APIs (i.e. application programming interface). A host of other programming-related skills including debugging and optimization is also needed on everyday basis in the life of a mobile app developer. A successful app developer is also a creative designer and knows how to present the product in the best possible fashion. He should keep his information up-to-date when it comes to, for example, PHP frameworks, PHP template engines and LAMP development. A developer’s responsibility does not come to an end with the supply of App Developer Malaysia.


He should remain active in the testing and analyzing stages and also in updating, repairing and modifying steps of the project. He is indeed the godfather of the app introduced, shouldering responsibilities of every single bug that may come along the way. He is expected to be able to use version controls (SVN as an example) and operates ads integration by drawing upon a third party server (DART, for instance).


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