Android Application Designer

Fueled by advancements in technology, sleeker designs and elevated affordability, smartphones currently aren’t a great way to speak. They’ve become part in people’s existence due to bigger utilization of apps. It has brought the Mobile application business to a different level, that has exploded in the last couple of years. Technology advances, better tools, more developers, and ideas, are adding towards the rapid growth in the market. And, now it’s no shocker that 2014 looks to become a level bigger year for mobile application business. Listed here are a couple of trends to keep close track of in 2014.

Android Application Designer

Android Application Designer

More OSs in the future

android and ios continue to be leading the mobile application industry while Home windows and BlackBerry are trailing behind. In 2014, we’ll discover the development of new mobile Oss like – Mozilla’s mobile Firefox OS, a mobile Ubuntu OS, and Sailfish, an exclusive OS produced by former Nokia engineers. Many of these new OSs are targeted at creating smartphones affordable and affordable and get rid of feature phones entirely. This, consequently, can lead to more selling of smartphones people these days can buy their first smart device than in the past, particularly in emerging economies. It’s believed this change will worsen the fragmentation problem for mobile application developers, which already is really a nightmare on their behalf.

More Processing Power in hands

Apple has won farmville by releasing its 5S iPhone, with a 64-bit processor nick. This release left other phone and nick makers scrambling to trap in the level that Apple alone provides. Inside a bid to contend with Apple, both Qualcomm and Samsung have guaranteed to provide chips with comparable processing power during 2014. Experts are predicting that in 2014, once Samsung and Qualcomm are effective to provide this comparable processing power, mobile application developers may have more capacity to have fun with once they design apps for brand new cellular devices.

Escalated smartphone usage and much more apps in the future lower the pipe

Experts forecast that in 2014, number of individuals using smartphone could be more when compared with 2013. It’s expected to increase from 5.7 devices per home in 2013 to six or even more devices per home in 2014.