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Squanchtendo Announces First VR Game, ‘Accounting’

First Virtual Reality game in the studio released by Justin Roiland — co-creator and voice talent behind Adult Swim’s hit series, ‘Rick & Morty’ — available these days for HTC Vibe.

Squanchtendo, the brand new Virtual Reality 3d animator studio released by Justin Roiland and former Epic Games executive producer Tanya Watson at the end of August, is placed to produce its first VR game by award-winning indie studio Crows Crows Crows.

Available this month on HTC Vibe, the brand new game is known as Accounting, and will also be readily available for download this month at ACCOUNTINGVR . Watch the sport trailer within the player below, and look for the entire pr release further lower:

3D Animator

3D Animator

This really is Comprising HTC Vive.

September 13th, 2016 — A no cost VR game by top rated indie darling Crows Crows Crows and recently introduced VR studio Squanchtendo, available this month.

Figures. Exactly what do they mean?

The current field of Accountancy is really a serious and honorable profession. Many human creatures have spent 3d animator lives working within the hard science of figures. 1000’s have left to ensure that we might arrive at the degree of understanding we have today. 1000’s have left. However, as An accounting firm and Numbersmiths accepted the abacus and also the calculator, today we have to embrace the most recent technological advancement.

Virtual Reality.

At the begining of 2016, three highly qualified An accounting firm joined together to determine what potential economic savings and visualisations might be accomplished using the HTC Vive. These An accounting firm were rapidly and discreetly thrown away to become changed by award-winning game studio Crows Crows Crows and also the recently introduced VR studio Squanchtendo, to produce the best electronic number-crunching program.

Let’s acquire one factor straight: Accountancy is really a mature profession and isn’t for kids.