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The important thing of every setting can depend on 255 figures lengthy and also the value for every setting could be a maximum of 8K bytes in dimensions. Keep in mind, however, that you could only keep following data types:


Even though you should select the information type that works well with both you and your specific application, ApplicationDataCompositeValue in the list above may be the suggested choice. Unlike another types, that have an 8k-byte limit, this kind enables you to definitely store as much as 64K bytes. Significantly, additionally, software developer allows you store a subset of configurations or classify your configurations.

Our initial step in applying the API is to produce a variable referencing RoamingSettings to do our data procedures:

Using the roamingSettings variable produced, it’s relatively simple to then write something into it, like so:

Maintaining your same roamingSettings variable we used above, and presuming you probably did choose ApplicationDataCompositeValue for the data type, let’s take a look at how easy it might be to then group and organize some theoretical roaming application data:

Software Developer

Software Developer

The good thing about this straightforward API is software developer empowers the developer to construct wealthy user encounters across products with a little bit of boilerplate code.

Tip: Be advised, there’s no direct way to trigger a sync in one device to a different. This really is handled through the OS the unit is running.


We’ve checked out RoamingSettings and just how to keep your computer data utilizing it, what about non-structured, data-like files? And just what when the data type restrictions of RoamingSettings are simply too limited for what you would like to complete? This is when RoamingFolder (of type StorageFolder) is useful.Let’s make use of a real-world illustration of a To-Do application to exhibit the salt water evaporates. Think that for that reasons of the application, it is advisable to sync all your users’ to-do products across all their products.