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3 Greatest Mistakes house renovation Make Using Their Website

We’ve reviewed over 1,100 large construction company websites and observed that lots of options are making exactly the same critical mistakes. Why so much interest that you should know? Since these very mistakes might be holding you back off bid lists and squandering your work.  Based on research conducted recently carried out by Harvard’s Corporate Executive Board,  57% from the purchasing decision research for Business to business (Business-to-Business) is finished before a prospect makes their first connection with your organization. The frightening part is you have no idea what you’ve skipped on.

As the overall listing of mistakes is a lot longer, we would have liked to sharpen on three from the greatest mistakes so that you can fix them immediately!

1. Using Flash®

House Renovation

House Renovation

Flash animations may look great, but integrating Flash implies that your mobile visitors cannot avoid seeing your site. Rather, they check this out:


Statistics reveal that over 18% of web site traffic is thru a mobile phone, which number is increasing rapidly. House renovation takes only one blown chance in the future away having a dated site that will set you back 1000’s of dollars. Also, Flash is tough to update and isn’t internet search engine-friendly, so your prospective clients may have difficulty finding your site to see it! How come we speaking about Flash in 2014? Because over 100 from the websites we seen STILL use Flash, and most of them take presctiption ENR’s Top 400 Companies list. [How are you aware if your site is using Flash? Right click on the primary image – whether it lists the following options: Play, Configurations, and/or About Flash Player – you’ve got a Flash website.]

2. No Telephone Number

A prospect cannot phone you if you don’t list your telephone number. Many construction companies possess a form for people to complete on their own contact page form, that is fine, but don’t make their only option. If you don’t list your telephone number because you are attempting to help keep salesmen away, you need to understand that this can be a small bump within the road on their behalf, but it’s an enormous roadblock if somebody is attempting to provide you with money, much like your clients and prospects.

3. No Differentiation or Soul

After viewing 1,000  websites, there have been only 15-20 of these that really was to me. I recognize that the prospects will not take a look at 1,000 other websites, however they will appear at 7-12 of the competitors’ websites.

Do this test: Google your kind of construction and your geographic marketplaces, then consider the first page of each and every website. I know a minimum of eight of individuals websites will appear and seem so much like each other that they’ll immediately explore this mixture. The days are gone of “on some time and on budget” being what is needed to drum up business. Today, that’s just the baseline, and you have to be stick out in the pack and become memorable to become effective.

For proper care of these 3 products, you’re already doing much better than most, and also the cream is exactly what increases to the peak and will get the very best business.