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I lately visited a house more vital than $a million in Heritage Hillsides, a gated community in Lone Tree, Colo., just south of Colorado. Before they moved in, the out-of-condition homeowners hired an over-all contractor known by their realtor to refinish their existing 2 1/4-inch hickory flooring a brownish color. After they showed up in Colorado, they observed the color and sheen was splotchy and sporadic. They’d another contractor give them an estimate for refinishing their handrail and a few cabinetry and, once construction company requested him if he understood anybody who could fix their hardwood flooring, he known these to us.

This is exactly what I saw after i walked right in front door. Based on the homeowners, their contractor had hired artists to set up additional flooring within their family area and sand, color, and finished everything:

Furthermore, the conclusion was showing white-colored scratches and it was peeling in places:

There have been small regions of the ground that hadn’t even been colored, and cracks and gaps showing natural colour of the hardwood in a number of places. The property owner demonstrated us a container of Polyshade in the spare room and stated the prior contractor had applied it.

Construction Company

Construction Company

This kind of work wasn’t any simple do the repair needed to be completely sanded, colored, and handle again.

Once their furniture was removed for that project, we observed another thing-the recently installed flooring looked as if they’d been buffed, not sanded, and also the grain pattern within the new wooden flooring looked not the same as the present wood flooring. It’s difficult to see within this photo, however this was exactly what the floor appeared as if:

The initial companies had installed 2 1/4? red oak short boards rather than #1 grade hickory.

At that time, we stopped nearly all our try to discuss the work using the homeowners and give construction company a quote to tear the different species to ensure that everything was consistent. We produced a big change order, added the scope of labor towards the original contract, and received a 50 % lower payment for that accessory for the job to become completed.

After tearing out and hauling away the present short red oak boards, Joe and Kevin installed new 2 ¼-inch hickory (following our standard acclimation process: finding acceptable equilibrium moisture content between flooring and subfloor). Following a installation and sanding processes, the whole floor was dyed a medium brown color and sealed with two jackets of Lenmar Rapid Seal, then final covered with Glitsa Max Matte.

Although you want this had not became of both of these friendly, kind homeowners, this can be a visual testimony to the significance of employing an NWFA-educated, professional wood floor contractor. Six several weeks after Joe and Kevin completed work, I came back to consider photos. Despite five kids younger than 13 as well as an active Labrador retriever, their hickory flooring still look new.

For this reason we all do what we should do: making wooden flooring beautiful significantly changes our customers’ entire home atmosphere!