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Victorian Bathroom by Rustico Tile and Stone

Rustico Tile and Stone

Which adhesive must i use basically tile over tiles?

If you choose to tile over existing tiles, Grant recommends you stay away from a ready-mixed adhesive. Renovation company is because water content must evaporate for that adhesive to dry and, having a tiled background, there’s nowhere for your water to visit except with the grout lines. “A cement-based powder adhesive is suggested,” states Grant. “I would also pick a polymer-modified adhesive, because they are more flexible and stick easier to low-porosity backgrounds.”

Just before repairing your tiles towards the walls, make certain you prime the initial tiles first, recommends van Katwyk. “A good method is Eco Prim Grip from Mapei, which supplies a fantastic key and-grip surface.”

Renovation Company

Renovation Company

Scandinavian Bathroom by Cloud Galleries Limited

Cloud Galleries Limited

What should i learn about tiling your bathroom floor?

The kind of floor you’re tiling will modify the grout you select. For those who have a reliable concrete floor, you do not always need to use an adaptable grout. When tiling a timber floor, however, it’s vital you utilize an adaptable grout that considers the natural movement of timber.

“Likewise, when tiling onto the ground which has underfloor heating, renovation company critical to utilize a flexible grout,” adds van Katwyk. “Examples from Mapei range from the Ultracolor Plus range, suggested for grout gaps of two to 20mm and obtainable in greater than 30 colours and Keracolor Flex ranges, suggested for grout gaps of 1 to 6mm and obtainable in seven colours.”

Contemporary Bathroom by TG-Studio


What’s the significance of silicone?

Applied after tiling and grouting, silicone is essential since it ensures the joints are sealed and, therefore, made waterproof. “From a design perspective, it’s more suitable to complement the color from the silicone towards the tile for it to not stick out,” states van Katwyk.