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For his or her own look, Propellerhead could re-implement application developer iOS design simply by importing their assets, replicating their color plan, and recreating some base shapes. Furthermore they understood that acquiring the animations right was critical, they did. Part of the challenge they’d searching on their own would have been to recreate the Figure interface using UWP so it looked and well-socialized much like it did in in iOS.

Inside the finish, using a combination of XAML styles along with a couple of code-behind, they might simply do whatever they tried to do: create a great buyer experience that really works within the same means by iOS and residential home windows.

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As pointed out above formerly, Figure is both a great music creation application additionally to some great music talking about application. Clients can upload their musical pieces for the cloud to determine other clients. They might also download pieces that others have created. On the top of this, these pieces might be shared between Figure clients on iOS and residential home windows.

Application Developer

Application Developer


Since their cloud services were already Relaxation-based, Propellerhead think it is easy to make a Relaxation client in UWP that spoken for the same talking about platform already used by their iOS clientele. They used UWP’s built-in JSON support to serialize and deserialize their data. This not only allows different clients to speak about their tunes, but even allows only one user to speak about their tunes between different items in addition to across platforms.

“If you must do something in You will need iOS,” mentioned Leo Nathorst-Böös, Product Manager at Propellerhead, “you can choose up that song around the Home home windows device, and application developer appear identical. Which is applicable towards the cloud talking about that people are capable of doing. The House home windows version just connects to that particular community.”