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The solution, naturally, is complicated. Investor Paul Graham authored that the best way to have great android developer ideas is, frustrating while it’s, to “become the type of individual who has them.”

This might seem like mumbo-jumbo, but experienced iPhone application developers will discover a hidden logic into it: most great ideas are a few mixture of a “prepared mind” (e.g. a mind with startup experience and exposure) and also the right exterior forces.

From the historic perspective, this inclination for excellent ideas to become a mixture of chance and planning explains how large breakthroughs are frequently concurrently produced by separate teams simultaneously. The Wright Siblings, for instance, allegedly tied having a lesser-known team in Nz. Calculus was drafted by two separate mathematicians, who then fought against over which ones was “first.” Proto-social-systems like Livejournal and Myspace hit the net at roughly the same time frame, benefiting from similar technologies that made their world-altering innovations impossible only years before.

Android Developer

Android Developer

For iPhone application developers and startup founders, the road to great android developer ideas is concurrently obvious and vague: search for issues that are only able to be solved while using newest technology.

It’s challenging recognize the disruptive potential of recent tech, fresh ideas, and passionate people. But like best wishes things in existence, “you’ll realize it if you notice it.”

Author Bio: Marc Fischer may be the founder and Chief executive officer of Dogtown Media, a mobile technology studio located in Santa Monica, California with offices in Bay Area and New You are able to City. Marc has on the decade of expertise designing, developing, and launching e-books for tech startups and multi-national organizations including Lexus, Google, CitiBank, and also the Un.

Marc is another Professor at Santa Monica College where he teaches Mobile Application Design to information technology and graphics students. He’s a mentor using the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in addition to a board person in Beauty Earth, a non-profit centered on revitalizing cities through local art initiatives.