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Your small business is starting something new this summer time. Like a marketer, you need to create a huge splash and not simply a foot-sinking announcement. You’re killing yourself brainstorming methods to garnish the interest you’ll need to ensure that this launch is really a success as well as your method is well accepted through the media, blog writers, and potential purchasers.

Social networking, blogger outreach, an internet-based advertising are great ideas, but every idea you develop always transmits website traffic to your boring corporate website. The web site which has grown every year and that’s now a large ball of knowledge that leaves you uninspired.

You review your corporate website with sadness, knowing, regardless of what you need to do, is simply won’t produce the excitement and a focus you’ll need for any effective affiliate marketing.

Before you decide to quit your marketing dreams, get a microsite built-in WordPress.

Exactly what is a Microsite?

A microsite is really a select few of pages that’s designed like a separate web developer resource to have an existing corporate website. A microsite could be located on the unique URL (world wide web.domainname.com) or on the subdomain (microsite.maindomain.com).

The aim of any microsite would be to segregate itself in the primary corporate website, thus supplying another web experience for visitors. WordPress, and every one of it’s free goodness, provides a great solution for creating corporate microsites.

Web Developer

Web Developer

Why Would an internet marketer Desire a Corporate Microsite?

While there’s a host of ways to use WordPress microsites, a few of the common utilizations include:

Cool product launches

Direct marketing campaigns

Ppc campaigns

Competitions or contests

Researching the market

Periodic promotions

Event or conference promotion


Worker outreach

In all these situations, WordPress provides a unique experience for readers. It will help provide obvious messaging on the specific subject and also to a really targeted audience.

Advantages of a Microsite

Highly centered on confirmed target demographic, customer persona, and service or product

Enables marketers to pay attention to the customer and this is not on unnecessary content

Offers an chance for creating a distinctive feel and look

Enables for separate navigation from primary website

Provides simplicity of use for readers

Enables marketers to carefully tie the website’s branding with other aspects of the advertising campaign

Removes the unwanted distractions natural inside a corporate web developer

Concentrates on specific call to actions

Offers an avenue for prospecting

Can stimulate a feeling of community

Enables for experimentation

Exactly why is WordPress Well suited for Microsites?


Rapid deployment

Feature wealthy

Content easily added or edited by marketing personnel

Easily integrates with social networking

Doesn’t consume internal sources

Affordable to keep

Some Excellent Good examples of Effective Microsites

While not every one of these good examples are WordPress websites (a lot of they are WordPress websites) , all of them show precisely how effective microsites could be in luring in visitors, developing a connection, and reinforcing branding.

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Nokia Conversations

Blue – The Ford Blog

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Under Armour What is Beautiful

Coca Cola A Healthier Lifestyle

GE Reviews

Philips DirectLife Coach Blog

PG Everyday

Inside BlackBerry


Stop Stressing and begin Digging into WordPress

When it’s time for your forthcoming event, affiliate marketing, or contest promotion – think about a WordPress microsite that will help you stand out from your competition. With WordPress its not necessary to bother with internal resource constraints, budgets, and timing. You need to simply concentrate on your marketing message.